The Bennett-Teed Discussion

koreshan10_3The Bennett-Teed Discussion was another series of debates published in a book in 1878. Cyrus Romulus R. Teed was an interesting character, but not much of a writer. The discussion ran for many weeks in the Truth Seeker and Teed (according to George Macdonald), lost himself “completely in the mists of metaphysical theory and incoherent rhetoric.” Teed, or the Prophet Cyrus or Koresh as he alternatively called himself, was a hollow-globe theorist who believed that he was the new messiah. He was also a “doctor” who published a daily paper called the Herald of the Messenger of the New Covenant. Teed would later operate his Koreshan colony in Florida and publish the Flaming Sword, a magazine that promoted his nonsensical cosmology. His followers believed that he was the second Jesus Christ. “For a man of intelligence and sanity,” George Macdonald wrote, “Teed entertained many delusions.” Bennett found Teed’s system of geology preposterous. But it was the religious fanatic’s proposition that “Jesus Christ is not only divine, but is the Lord God, Creator of Heaven and Earth” that Bennett found the most ludicrous and declared it “Teed-ious.”

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